72" Mixed Pearl Necklace Handmade 

Sterling Silver & Amber Bracelet Handmade  

Sterling Silver & Desert Rose Pendant Handmade 

This page is for the one of a kind pieces Store Owner/Jeweler Paul Klein designs and creates here at Kaleidoscope Gallery. 

Some pieces can be re-created please contact us for pricing information. 

Sterling Silver & Amber Cuff Bracelet Handmade 

Sterling Silver Chakra Pendant with Gemstones 

Custom 14k White Gold Emerald & Diamond Ring  Handmade 

Custom Rose Gold & Diamond Engagement Ring

18kt Gold & DIamond Ring Handmade 

Gold Custom Fish Necklace Handmade

South Sea Pearl Necklace on Black Cord 

Gold Infinity Bracelet Handmade

Opal & Orange Sapphire Pendant Handmade 

Freshwater Pearl & Amethyst Necklace 

Gold Star of David Pendant with a heart shaped Ruby inside 

Custom Star of David Pendants with Tourmaline as the Center Stone. Can be made with various stones. 

14kt Gold Tanzanite & Diamond Ring 

Freshwater Pearl Necklace with Faceted Rubies 

Gold & Pearl Necklace 

14kt Gold Ring with Green Tourmaline Center and Pink Tourmalines .

4kt Gold Pendant Opal Center with Aqua and Precious Topaz

14kt Gold South Sea Pearls with Diamonds.

Sterling Silver Unicorn Belt Buckle